Ultra Run Receives a “Clean Bill of Health”

Heather Andrews runs past Lake Okareka
during the 2012 Vibram Tarawera Ultramarathon
Photo: Emma Andrews
Enduro Safety is pleased to announce that it has issued a “clean bill of health” for the Management and Safety Plan for the 2013 Vibram Tarawera Ultramarathon.

Enduro Safety audited the Management and Safety Plan against the draft audit standard issued under the Adventure Activity Regulations. The ultramarathon is not an adventure activity as defined in the Regulations, but by virtue of the event being held outdoors in wilderness and forest areas, the standard provides an appropriate basis for audit.

The Management and Safety Plan conforms with the draft audit standard in all material respects. We further consider that the plan provides a very high standard of hazard identification and emergency preparedness, and that an excellent process of review has been demonstrated by the Race Director, Paul Charteris.

Enduro Safety also reviewed the Management and Safety Plan against the recommendations arising from the Inquiry into the 2011 Kimberley Ultramarathon disaster, conducted by the Parliament of Western Australia. In that event, a number of runners were severely burned after becoming trapped by fire in a narrow, rocky gorge during the race.

The emergency plan included in the Management and Safety Plan conforms to these recommendations and represents best practice for this type of event.

Charteris added, “The Kimberley tragedy has changed the game for ultra-endurance events. It’s not enough to just have a safety and management plan in place. An endurance event as physically testing as the Tarawera ultramarathon, which covers rugged terrain in inaccessible places, needs a massive support team of experienced professionals and pre-event testing of communications equipment.”

The Rotorua to Kawerau offroad run will take place on 16 March with 430 athletes from 20 countries taking part.

Andrew Shelley and Heather Andrews
Enduro Safety

About Enduro Safety
Enduro Safety (http://www.asms.co.nz/enduro) conducts safety audits and advises clients on safety risk management in a wide range of industries. The Principals of Enduro Safety are Accredited Safety Auditors with the New Zealand Safety Council and are experienced ultramarathon runners.

About the Tarawera Ultramarathon
The Tarawera Ultramarathon (http://www.taraweraultra.co.nz) is a 100km, 85km or 60km trail ultra-distance run from Rotorua to Kawerau, New Zealand. Along the way runners pass through exotic forestry, native bush, lakes, waterfalls, and follow the beautiful Tarawera River. Most of the run is on single-track trails or forestry roads. Runners can compete as a solo athlete or in a relay team.