Experienced Professionals guide Aviation Start-up Process

Entering the general aviation business and obtaining Part 135 certification was a big decision to make. One of the first realisations that we came to when drafting the business plan was that professional expertise was required. After a couple of false starts with supposedly qualified consultants it soon became apparent that to make any progress, we needed to engage someone who had not only business skills, but had the experience, expertise and thorough understanding of aviation processes to guide us through the licensing process.

On first meeting with Heather and Andrew it was apparent that indeed they were the professionals required, and as a bonus they have been consistently supportive and encouraging. Heather is not only dedicated to achieving the best results, but in attaining very high standards, and in conjunction with Andrew's brilliance at solving any technical issues, I cannot rate their work highly enough.

Peter Newman
North Shore Air

Using ASMS one of the Best Decisions we made

We were fortunate enough to meet Heather and Andrew when we had a display at Warbirds Over Wanaka, Easter 2012. We were just starting to promote our new business Ballooning Canterbury and the last major thing we had to do before being fully operational was getting our Part 115. We already knew that writing a Part 115 was going to be quite a task so after talking with them it was an easy decision to get them to do it for us.

This was one of the best decisions we made, it totally took the pressure off us and we concentrated on other areas of the business. They certainly know their stuff and they were fantastic to deal with. We have gone back to them for help and advise on other issues since, they have been extremely helpful and we plan to continue to use them for any future work. Thanks to them we managed to get our Part 115 through on 28 September 2012 and we launched our business on 07 October 2012.

Michael and Kate Oakley
Ballooning Canterbury Ltd

Business Documentation Experts

Choosing Andrew and Heather (of ASMS) to assist Strikemaster Ltd in its Part 115 submission was one of the best decisions the business made. Andrew and Heather were passionate about their work, had an eye for detail and produced results that were of an extremely high standard.   They were easy to work with, listened to what the business wanted and implemented a course of action that both meet the business’s needs and aided in a relatively speedy documentation approval.  I have no hesitation in recommending ASMS to support your business documentation needs.

Brett Nicholls
Chief Executive
Strikemaster Ltd

A Safe Passage for Ultra Runners

In January 2012 the Vibram Tarawera Ultramarathon faced a safety and liability problem. This extreme-distance running event pushes runners over 100km of rough terrain in the Bay of Plenty and recent floods had eroded the tracks causing a safety hazard between the 95 and 97km portion of the race – a section that fatigued runners approach in the dark. Race day was only weeks away. Compounding the urgency, race management and volunteers could not agree on possible alternative routes.

Andrew Shelley and Heather Andrews provided impartial expert advice. They thoroughly surveyed the course, noting the precise location, size and nature of the hazards and as well as measures to eliminate or minimise risks.  Their client report was instantly accepted by both race management and volunteers and resulted in a new track being constructed within days and the event proceeding without incident.

Paul Charteris
Race Director
The Vibram Tarawera Ultramarathon