Welcome to ASMS Ltd

ASMS was originally formed to provide second- and third-tier operators in the aviation industry with expertise in the development of safety management systems (SMS). ASMS can also project manage certification to CAA standards, design training programmes, and project manage airshow safety, and design emergency procedures and other training.

ASMS is able to assist operators with all aspects of developing and implementing SMS:
  • Reviewing management procedures and recommending changes to comply with CAA requirements;
  • Working with relevant organisations to develop co-ordinated emergency response plans;
  • Conducting hazard identification and work place assessments;
  • Conducting emergency procedure days to test the implementation of safety plans developed;
  • Monitoring of systems designed;
  • Provide mediation services (between airport authorities, operators, and CAA);
  • Training the employees and employers;
  • Induction days for new employees;
  • Delivering and designing tailor-made assessments.

  • Our aim is to allow operators to continue their day-to-day operations with minimum disruption while progressively developing a safety system that is compliant with the CAA’s SMS requirements.