General Aviation

Certification and Startup

Whether your recertification is coming up, or you are facing the process of initial certification and startup, we can tailor a solution to meet your needs.

Safety Management Systems

Currently involved with several clients in Group 1, we have real-world experience of safety management systems (SMS) inside and outside the aviation industry. We can assist you with:
  • Setting safety goals and objectives
  • Safety culture surveys
  • Safety performance indicators
  • Hazard and risk identification
  • Contractor management
Whatever your SMS needs, we can help.

Quality Assurance

We provide audit and quality assurance services so that you can be sure your legal obligations are being met.
  • QA audits against your exposition
  • Audits against the ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices standard
  • Audit against AS/NZS 4801 – the international standard for Safety Management Systems
We are also available for contract as Quality Assurance Manager for your organisation.

Exposition Update Service

We can update your exposition manuals as changes are required, whether those changes are big or small, and manage the interaction with CAA. Examples include:
  • Fly Stark - addition of new aircraft
  • Fly Stark - change of senior people
  • Flight Hauraki - addition of new aircraft, including IFR procedures and MEL