ASMS 'Making it Happen'

ASMS is proud to feature in the February 2013 edition of Pacific Wings magazine, as the subject of an article titled “Making it Happen: Aviation Safety Management Systems Ltd”.

The article focusses on our experience with certification of Part 115 “Adventure Aviation” operators:

Amid a growing global trend among aviation regulators to establishing safety management systems (SMS) in aviation, one Kiwi company is not waiting for New Zealand’s legislators to mandate SMS. It has already established itself as a credible and highly effective SMS consulting agency and has achieved certification for several operators under New Zealand’s new Part 115 “Adventure Aviation” rules.

The article includes anecdotes from our experiences in obtaining certification for the three operations, photos of the aircraft, and comments from the operators.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help with your certification requirements, including initial certification, recertification, and compliance audits.

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