Clean Bill of Health for Double Rainbow

Enduro Safety is pleased to announce that it has issued a “clean bill of health” for the Management and Safety Plan for the inaugural UltrAspire Double Rainbow Trail Run, including 42km marathon, 24km, and 16km events. The Double Rainbow Trail Run is organised and managed by Lactic Turkey Events.

Enduro Safety audited the Management and Safety Plan against the draft audit standard issued under the Adventure Activity Regulations. The Double Rainbow Trail Run is not an adventure activity as defined in the Regulations, but by virtue of the event being held outdoors in wilderness and forest areas, the standard provides an appropriate basis for audit.

In all material respects the Plans conform with the draft audit standard. In particular, the Plans provides a very high standard of hazard identification and emergency preparedness. Procedures are in place for response to emergencies (including medical, fire, and search and rescue procedures for lost/missing participants), and for the reporting, management and review of incidents.

Heather and Andrew of Enduro Safety also said that they are looking forward to participating in the 16km event. Heather commented that she is looking forward to seeing the new event in operation, knowing that there is such a good plan in place.