Strikemaster Ltd Receives CAA Director's Award

Photo courtesy of Strikemaster Ltd
Aviation Safety Management Systems (ASMS) congratulates Strikemaster Ltd as the recipient of this year's CAA Director's Award for an Organisation.

The July/August 2013 issue of CAA's Vector magazine reports:

Owner and operator, Brett Nicholls, said the award was an honour for his operation and people. "I am surprised, shocked, and stunned by our award but it reflects on our capable and very professional flight crew, a great aircraft, and high levels of safety management. We want to make this jet flight a safe and enjoyable experience for our passengers.

"We have embraced Part 115 and we can now provide a sustainable adventure aviation operation into the future," said Brett.

[Director of Civil Aviation] Graeme Harris commended Strikemaster for their constructive, professional work in gaining operator certification under Part 115.

"It is clear that this operator is very focussed on risk management and committed to high levels of safety in their adventure aviation business," Graeme said.

Strikemaster Ltd's Part 115 exposition was written by ASMS, and Safety Management Systems are an integral component of all the systems that we deliver. We continue to be involved with ongoing quality assurance and providing advice to management, both for Strikemaster and our other clients. Our aim is to provide operators in all industries with systems that support excellence in safety and service provision.