CAA Releases ASMS Report

CAA's Standard Overhead Join Poster
CAA has released ASMS's Review of Joining Procedures at Uncontrolled Aerodromes, conducted for CAA in mid-2013.

This was not conducted as a formal consultation with the entire industry on a pre-notified policy proposal, but rather as series of more informal consultations with representative interested parties in order to provide CAA with a cross-section of industry views.

The report commences with a review of joining procedures at New Zealand aerdromes, and an analysis of incident statistics in New Zealand. We then review joining procedures in selected overseas regulatory jurisdictions.

Based on the interviews conducted, we suggest that there are two categories of unattended aerodromes: simple or quiet, and "complex". Retention of the standard overhead join is supported by all parties for quiet unattended aerodromes. However, the appropriate procedures for busy or complex aerodromes is more contentious: there is strong support both for a mandatory overhead join (e.g. Ardmore, Rangiora) and for prohibition of the overhead join (e.g. Taupo, Wanaka). We suggest that if the aerodrome operator is responsible for promulgating procedures for safe operation, then the operator should be empowered to make binding rules following consultation with an appropriate user group. There was also some support for further investigation of a 1500ft circuit for high speed traffic.

For more information, visit the CAA webpage here, or download our report.