Reduce Your ACC Costs

Every business in New Zealand that pays salary or wages of any kind must pay Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) levies. ASMS/Enduro can help you reduce your ACC levies through effective preparation for an ACC audit.

ACC offers two programmes that can help companies reduce their ACC levies:
  • The Workplace Safety Management Practices (WSMP) programme offers discounts of 10%, 15%, or 20% for employers that meet the requirements of the WSMP audit standard. Once approved the discount applies for 24 months.
  • The Workplace Safety Discount (WSD) programme provides a 10% discount on ACC work cover levies for small businesses with 10 or less employees. Once approved the discount applies for three years.
Both programmes are focussed on the presence of effective health and safety management systems and practices.

To obtain the reduction in levies you must complete a self-assessment, apply to ACC, and select either an ACC internal auditor (free of charge) or an approved external auditor (costs paid by the applicant). The “catch” is that once you have had an audit, you cannot reapply for another 12 months. If you fail the audit the first time around you have to wait the full 12 months even if it only takes only 6 weeks to correct the deficiencies.

ASMS/Enduro Safety personnel can conduct a pre-audit for you, identifying any shortfalls in your current systems and providing recommendations on the changes required. We can work with you to make the changes, prepare the ACC self-assessment, and prepare the evidence folder for the ACC audit. The application can then be lodged with ACC and a free ACC audit obtained.

To enquire about obtaining an ACC pre-audit, or other information on our services, please contact us.