Experienced Professionals guide Aviation Start-up Process

Peter Newman, Chief Executive of North Shore Air, makes the following observations about embarking on the aviation start-up process:

Entering the general aviation business and obtaining Part 135 certification was a big decision to make. One of the first realisations that we came to when drafting the business plan was that professional expertise was required. After a couple of false starts with supposedly qualified consultants it soon became apparent that to make any progress, we needed to engage someone who had not only business skills, but had the experience, expertise and thorough understanding of aviation processes to guide us through the licensing process.

Peter describes the process of working with ASMS as follows:

On first meeting with Heather and Andrew it was apparent that indeed they were the professionals required, and as a bonus they have been consistently supportive and encouraging. Heather is not only dedicated to achieving the best results, but in attaining very high standards, and in conjunction with Andrew's brilliance at solving any technical issues, I cannot rate their work highly enough.

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